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Behind the Scenes with a Pro Movie Set Designer

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Experience Duration : 1 hrs 30 mins
Experience Summary:

Do you want to know what happens behind the scenes of a blockbuster and the and the magic that went into creating some iconic movie box-office hits filmed in Paris? Join me and my inside knowledge for an interactive online talk and presentation on the logistic and creative processes. From the planning to the executing of concepts, this fun and educational mini masterclass looks at how the industry brings a storyline to life and onto the big screen for cinema goers!

Detailed description:

As a set designer, I’m responsible for the ‘visual concept’ and design style of a film. This includes sourcing the perfect locations, incorporating planned lighting and camera angles, graphics, props and wardrobe. I work collaboratively with all of the departments involved in the making of a movie. This includes the directors, the producers, the crew and of course the cast. This means that together we can create an artistic scene that is practical, authentic and consistent.

Whether you’re a cinephile, a movie junkie or perhaps wanting some insight into working in the movie industry, then please join me! Learn the journey from first reading a script, making production plans, calculating budgets, identifying locations, making models of the sets …to the final filming. The three movies we will discuss to show the process in reality are some of the most challenging but rewarding I’ve worked on here in Paris: “Wonder Woman (2017)”,  “Taken” and “Inglorious Bastards”.

About the host

Hi, I am Antoine, a Parisian born, raised, at heart and mind. I have a bachelors in Creative Arts followed by years of internships and a Masters degree in Production Design in London.

After graduating I worked in London for two years before a job offer from a Hollywood studio in fact brought me back to Paris for a movie. My native insight into the French capital worked in my favour and has now meant I work from Paris with global studios coming to the city to shoot here. I love the art of creativity and using my knowledge of Paris to suit each of the wildly different productions I have worked on has been a dream I’ve now been living for over fifteen years.

While I love the glitz and glam of the industry and the ‘finished product’ of a movie- I’ve always been aware that the complex creativity behind the scenes often doesn’t get appreciated day to day. I began to host this experience in 2020 during the COVID pandemic (when global productions ground to a halt and I was in between projects). But even now with studios reopening and I undertake new work, it is something I still want to provide. It’s not only been great sharing this side of the industry with people over the world, but my guests have given me invaluable audience insight that I can take with me into my future projects!

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Minimum age of children : 12 Years

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Does the Host accept Private Group? : yes
Private groups minimum size : 4
Private groups maximum size : 8

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Special Considerations

If there is anything in particular about set designing or anything specific about the three movies you would like to hear about: feel free to send some questions in advance.



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