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San Diego Star Gazing

£44 per Adult
Hosted by Theo 4.0
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About the experience

Experience Duration : 1 hrs 30 mins
Experience Summary:

Stare in wide eyed wonder on this incredible astronomy experience. Join an expert astronomer to have your mind blown by the sights & delights of natural science and celestial phenomena that the San Diego sky offers at night. Be taken on a cosmic journey reflecting on the beauty beyond …with your feet on solid ground.

Detailed description:

Space and astronomy have captivated the human mind for millions of years and this experience will give you an appreciation of exactly why. Perfect for budding astronomers, those looking to escape for the night into the galaxies, or couples looking for a romantic twist on date night. Enjoy the natural power of star gazing, learning how astronomers over time have mapped out our place in the universe.

The session starts with a brief introduction to the history of astronomy followed by a mini masterclass on how to operate a professional, high resolution telescope. The telescope enables you to really discover the intricacies of constellations and various orbital objects that exist in the mysteriously beautiful world above our heads.

There is a whole other world out there waiting to be discovered and for a couple of hours you can! Whether local to the area or just visiting San Diego, this is an excuse to be carried away by the enchanting lights and patterns the skies here provide.

About the host

Hey there, my name is Theo and I’d like to think of myself as a bit of an astronomy and astrology nerd. I love everything to do with space and the stars beyond. I’ve had all the crazy dreams of being an astronaut meeting all sorts of extraterrestrial creatures …space has forever captured my imagination! There is something about falling into the night sky discovering just how tiny our little world is.

Growing up in California and living in the San Diego region for six years now has definitely influenced this! The skies and heavens here really know how to put on a mesmerising show almost every night and particularly in warm summer months. It’s something I recommend for Californians and tourist alike to indulge in as much as they can. Most people wherever they are live such busy lives, never taking the time out to look around or above themselves to appreciate the beauty of creation and the universe.

I really wanted to share this experience with the world because astronomy has brought me so much curiosity, joy and peace personally. I hope to make people fall in love with the stars just as I have. So far I have found that guests are incredibly moved, overwhelmed and humbled from what they see.

Additional information


What the Host requires you to bring
  • Warm clothes as it can get cold in the evenings.
  • A pair of flat walking shoes / sneakers is recommended.


  • Who can come Adults & Children
  • Activity level Not much (think about a leisurely stroll in a park)
  • Skill level Beginner

Private groups

Does the Host accept Private Group? : yes
Private groups minimum size : 4
Private groups maximum size : 8

Alternate Dates

If you would like to request for alternative dates not currently showing in availability, please contact the host directly via Private message

Special Considerations

Bespoke stargazing in other San Diego locations such as Borrego Springs are available to arrange upon request.


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20th June 2024
08:24 PM - 08:54 PM
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