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Becoming a Let’s GoDo
host is rewarding
in so many ways.

Because as well as being able to share your passions, interests, knowledge and skills with people from all over the world, you can also enjoy an extra income from doing the things you love! We’re pretty sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing better than that …so what are you waiting for?

Share your passions,
online and in-person.

Whether you’re cooking, painting, opera singing or revealing a location’s hidden gems, you’ll find that being a Let’s GoDo host is one of the most enjoyable things you can do.

If social distancing makes it difficult for you to host in-person, or you’d simply like to make what you offer as accessible as possible – then taking your experience online could be the perfect answer. So, get creative and think about how you can offer your experience through the screen!

If you’re salsa dancing, whats stopping you from showing or teaching your moves through an online stream? And if showing people around a city, a live tour packed with videos and photos might be different to seeing it in-person, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less engaging or fun! In fact, whatever your passion, with a little bit of thought you can create amazing experiences online that some people might not otherwise even get the opportunity to do.

If you can host both in-person and online, then great! Let’s GoDo hosts have the option to create separate listings for online and in-person versions. This gives you the chance to host according to your schedule wherever you are in the world, meaning you can reach more guests and make more revenue globally. This dual offering also means that our community share in the beauty of enjoying experiences from far and wide, home or away!

can you host?

As a Let’s GoDo host you are self-autonomous and can run by your clock. You choose when the experience happens, and how often it happens. Having your own personal booking calendar means you can easily add and edit available booking slots. We believe that flexibility is everything and so thats exactly what we empower our hosts with!

Who can be a
Let’s GoDo host?

Absolutely anyone. There’s no need to have previous hosting experience. All we ask for is a desire to share what you love and a commitment to making sure guests get the most out of their time with you. Once signed up as a host, our team are on hand to help give you all the tips, advice and guidance that you might need throughout your hosting journey.

So how much can
you charge?

It will be up to you to set your own per-person price, as of course nobody knows the value of an experience better than the host! What you can realistically charge really depends on the particular experience and what it involves.

Find insight into how best to price in our Top Hosting Tips, as well as see this put into practice in our Example Experiences.

What are the type of experiences you can host on Let’s GoDo?

Diversity makes the world go round and a much more magical place to live! So as long as you think what you have to offer is fun, interesting, exciting and good value for money – we want to hear about it. Let’s GoDo experiences can pretty much be absolutely anything you make them. That’s the beauty of hosting with us.

To find out what we look for and the factors that really impress us, check out our What is an Experience? and Example Experiences pages.

Hosting Benefits 101.

  • Live and breathe passion: doing what we love makes us happy.
  • Do it on your time: only host when you want to.
  • Control your income: choose how much you want to charge.
  • Amplify your customer base: access a global audience.
  • Meet like-minded people: join an exciting growing community.
  • Stay curious: new things and new people keep us feeling alive.