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Intuitive Body Scan - heal from within

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About the experience

Experience Duration : 7 hrs
Experience Summary:

What is Intuitive Body Scanning…?

Body scanning is the ability to see the imbalances in someone’s body. The intuitive aspect is knowing what caused it in the first place as well as what to do to achieve optimal health and clear the imbalance.

This workshop will help the participant to understand why his life is blocked and why he has not been able to solve his problems.

Detailed description:

You will be able to identify your most remarkable qualities, find the biggest fear that prevents you from thriving, learn how to deal with it, and what you need daily to stay motivated and focused.
You will also understand precisely what is the root of the emotional factors that prevent you from carrying out the transformation you want for your life and will go through a profound experience of rebirth to overcome this limiting pain and find the person that your body shows him to be.

The workshop is aimed at people in search of deep self-knowledge; people who have already sought to understand the reason for their internal conflicts by various means, but have not found a definitive answer; people who have already done everything to change, but couldn't and feel that their lives are getting more and more out of balance; people in search of understanding, self-confidence and overcoming; and others.

This experience is for people that are:
Searching for deep self-knowledge
Trying to understand internal conflicts and patterns of destruction or self-sabotage
People that have tried everything to change the course of their lives and are stuck
People looking for how to work with others and have meaningful connections.

This experience consists of the following steps:
• Identify a problem that needs to be solved or a goal that needs to be achieved.
• Understand precisely what are the emotional factors that are preventing you from carrying out the transformation you want and what is the root of these impediments
• Going through a rebirthing session where you can get in touch with your main pain and transform it to the point where that pain does not paralyze you again or prevent you from going forward.

The most significant difference of this experience is that it is an innovative and scientific method that reveals how a person's mind works by reading their body shape.

What will it happen in this experience?
In this process, you will receive a map of how your body works through analysis with a William Reich chart. From this map, you will understand the functioning of the emotions of your body and its best skills in life.
This will give you empowerment in life without emotional dependence.

*Can be done over 5 sessions or one day (7 hours)

About the host

Hello beautiful souls!
My name is Suzana Cardono. I have been working with metaphysics and spirituality for over 30 years, and I'm passionate about caring for others and human transformation.

My qualifications include body and Bioenergetic therapy, systemic constellation, and body and behavioural analysis.

I'm also versed in conducting therapeutic immersions and organizing training courses in family constellations, Reichian message, cocoa ceremonies, shamanic and spiritual retreats,
Shamanic drum workshop, among other therapies.

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  • Who can come Adults & Children
  • Activity level not much
  • Skill level beginner


Primary Language : Portuguese
Secondary Language : English

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Minimum age : 11 Years

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Does the Host accept Private Group : no

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Host Location : Faro, Portugal,

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