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Make Authentic Potato Gnocchi at Home

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Experience Duration : 1 hrs 30 mins
Detailed description:

Looking for fun things to do at home and little lockdown escapism? This virtual cooking class will transport you to the gorgeous region of Campania, in Italy and have you cooking up hot, fresh, homemade gnocchi from scratch.

Campania is not only the home of your chef who will be leading this online class (so you can rest assured this divine recipe has authenticity), but it is also famous for delicious pizza, limoncello and the Roman ruins of Pompei.

This particular recipe is named after the famous town of Sorrento, just off the Campanian coast (hence the name "Gnocchi alla Sorrentina"). It's a hearty and warming dish that is incredibly comforting on colder winter nights.

Traditionally and for the ultimate indulgence, gnocchi should be made from scratch and with this cooking class online, we will do just that.

During this beginner-friendly online class, you'll receive plenty of step-by-step guidance and expert tips and tricks along the way such as how to keep the mixture light and fluffy, resulting in pillowy rather than chewy gnocchi.

This recipe is a real crowd pleaser and loved by kids and adults. In Campania, gnocchi alla Sorrentina is traditionally cooked on Sundays, when families get together for lunch. To avoid arguments over portion sizes, you can also bake it in an individual terrine, because I promise you, they will fight over it!


Ingredients/shopping list (serves two people):
1 x egg.
200gr of flour.
500gr of pre-cooked potatoes (floury or starchy potatoes are best).
Try to cook them a few hours before so they can cool down before we start. Preferably bake or boil them with the skin for 35 minutes. Then remove the skin and mash them.

For the sauce:
1 x tomato can (passata).
2 x garlic gloves.
Lots of fresh basil leaves.
2 x balls of mozzarella cheese.
A few tablespoons of parmesan cheese.
Salt and pepper.

Utensils required:
Knife and fork.
Cling film.
Cutting board.
1 x cooking pot for the pasta.
1 x cooking pot for the sauce.
1 ceramic or pyrex oven dish.
Ridged gnocchi board (if you don't have this utensil you can use a fork, a grater, a sushi rolling mat or even a few toothpicks put together).

About the host

My name is Luca and I am a passionate Italian foodie. I started "Cook with Luca" because I wanted to share my knowledge and passion for food. I wanted to inspire people and teach them how to cook traditional Italian soul food from scratch. The aim of my classes is that you enjoy yourself and other's company, share ideas and cooking tips and enjoy a glass of wine with a delicious meal. My public classes are also an opportunity to learn new skills, acquire more knowledge about Italian culture, socialise with like-minded foodies and ultimately start to feel confident in the kitchen when inviting friends and family over for a meal!

Places we'll visit

Your own kitchen

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What the Host will provide
  • A pdf of the recipe with all the cooking instructions
What the Host requires you to bring
  • The ingredients outlined in the cooking class description
  • Utensils required for the cooking class
  • A big smile


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  • Activity level just enough
  • Skill level beginner


Primary Language : English
Secondary Language : Italian

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Does the Host accept Private Group : yes
Private groups minimum size : 5
Private groups maximum size : 25

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