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Wailing And Windy; The Misguided Cult of Wuthering Heights

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About the experience

Experience Duration : 1 hrs 15 mins
Detailed description:

I love making bold claims. Here's one: Wuthering Heights is the most overrated novel in English literature. In this short workshop, I'll firstly take you through this horrible, boring book about horrible, boring people being horrible and boring to one another. Then, we'll take a look at what other writers and readers (contemporary and modern) have said about it, examine it alongside other novels of similar themes - vengeance, obsession, abandonment, love - and discuss why Wuthering Heights maintains its position at the top of its genre. It'll be an interactive workshop, of course, so you can feel free to question my egotism whenever you like; do feel free to try to win me over, and if you succeed I'll publicly admit it. Iconoclasm, here we come!

About the host

I'm Ali, and in addition to being a barmaid, I've got my Masters degree in philosophy, specifically philosophical literature about existence, death, love and all the other gloomy bits of life - don't all rush to sign up at once! If you've ever wanted to talk books and philosophy over a few pints, I'm your girl.

Places we'll visit

Your bookshelf!

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  • Who can come Adults & Children
  • Activity level not much
  • Skill level beginner


Primary Language : English

Minimum age

Minimum age : 12 Years

Private groups

Does the Host accept Private Group : yes
Private groups minimum size : 2
Private groups maximum size : 6

Alternate Dates

If you would like to request for alternative dates not currently showing in availability, please contact the host directly via private message

Special Considerations

You don't need to have a copy of Wuthering Heights, but if you've got one, feel free to keep it by you. Also, please keep in mind that many of the themes, characters and situations in this book are quite heavy and dark, including loneliness, cruelty, neglect and death; whilst these are of course common themes of human life, please look after yourself and use your discretion when deciding whether and when to attend this workshop, and when deciding the same for your children.


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Host Location : Parkway, London NW1 7AN, UK, (NW1 7AN),

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