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What is an Experience?

An experience at Let’s GoDo is an activity you can organise in the city that anyone can join! It can be a group activity or a one-to-one. Hiking, roller skating, learning mambo, or just grabbing coffee with someone new. You can join an activity or create your own for others to enjoy!

How an experience is defined can be very personal, changing drastically from one person to the next. This is of course the wonderful nature of living in a world made up of eclectic personalities, interests and tastes! That’s why the choice of categories and subcategories on Let’s GoDo is so broad.

We want our community to experience everything the world has to offer – from the trendy and the popular to the bizarre and the niche. This means there’s really no limit to what you can offer as a Let’s GoDo host.

And as we actively welcome new, innovative and exciting ideas …we hope that the choice of experiences we offer will keep growing and evolving. So if you can host something that Let’s GoDo doesn’t quite yet have covered, we’re all ears!

Make it you-nique!

A host’s personal perspective is what really separates an experience from an ‘activity’ that somebody could do elsewhere. It’s your expertise, inside knowledge, hosting style and flair that make it special and promises to leave that all-important impression. So be sure to be and bring YOU!

Do it with a difference.

With so many of the same-same, generic activity formats on offer out there, people are looking for things to do that are novel, fresh and extraordinary.

So! Put a real spin on your experience. For example, if you’re a local tour guide, then take guests on a tour like nobody else will. It could be through underground passages, discovering secret locations, or exploring through an unnusual concept.

If hosting a class or workshop, then add some edge. It could be leading yoga at sunset from the beach, dancing with a wacky theme, cooking a peculiar menu or even making art in the great outdoors. Whatever category you plan to host in, the more surprising and original your experience the better. The sky’s the limit for your imagination – don’t forget it!

Reinvent your guest’s everyday.

Break the mould with what you offer. Get people intrigued and give them something they can’t help but tell people about and encourage others to do!

For example, if planning to host in our Food & Drink category, then instead of a prescriptive cookalong – think about how you can reimagine and elevate more common concepts. Perhaps cooking up freshly caught fish on a beach open-fire, a dinner and wine pairing in the heart of a vineyard itself, or foraging for ingredients followed by a hands-on cooking challenge.

Whatever the activity, your potential guests are more than ever looking for experiences that avoid fads and that really bring the wow factor.

For more of an idea of what we like to see across our categories, dip into the mix of Example Experiences our team has created, as well as use our Top Hosting Tips to help you get started creating your own!