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Becoming a Host

Let’s DoDo Hosts are the diverse mix of wonderful people from around the world who create and lead the amazing experiences on the platform.  

Of course! There’s no need for any previous hosting experience – just passion and knowledge you want to share with like-minded people the best way you know how!

To host, you need to be 18 years old or over. It’s worth remembering that depending on the type of experience you’re offering, you may need to meet the age restriction laws or regulations of where you’re based and the industry your experience belongs to.

Definitely! We encourage you to change roles from time to time so that you can experience more things and meet more like-minded people. And, as you can use one Let’s GoDo account to do both – there’s no excuse not to!

What, How & When you can Host

An experience can pretty much be anything amazing and unique that hosts can provide for guests to book via the Let’s GoDo platform!

To find out what we look for and the factors that really impress us, check out our What is an Experience? page. To see this all put into practice (and really how diverse our experiences can be!) – check out our Example Experiences.


The more experiences the better! There’s no limit to the number of experiences you can host, or the number of categories you can host in. So, if you’ve got more than one passion we’d love to hear about them all!

For any ideas that you think can be done in either format (e.g. a Yoga class that you could lead in-person or online) – you will need to list and host separate versions. The different formats will affect booking logistics and of course the description and details you include in your listings. Additionally, whilst the activity may be the same, the experience of doing it changes drastically and so will the nature of guest participation and interaction.

Our team can advise and help you tweak or adapt an idea to host both online and in-person experience versions.

You bet! You have autonomy over your booking calendar and so can set the dates and times that suit you and your experience best. This also means that if any potential guests request an additional slot, a bespoke or private booking – you can accommodate this. Calendars are managed along with other experience details in your account profile. Find help on how to manage your calendar, in our User Guides.

You can Host in any language / (s) that you can fluently deliver the experience in for guests. You must specify the language / (s) you speak when creating an experience.

If selecting multiple languages for one slot, please remember that this will only be appropriate if your experience does not require a great amount of explaining, instructing or questions. This ensures that you avoid lots of multi-language communication - which can be confusing for guests.

If you would like to have different slots dedicated to particular languages, you will need to create separate listings for each language option, so that guests can book the most appropriate to them.

Absolutely. If you have ideas for in-person and online experiences, it means you can connect with more people in our community around the world. It also means that you can maximise your earning potential …which is what we love to see!

Currently, as our team can only review experiences submitted for approval in English or Portugese, you’ll need to submit the idea in either of these languages – regardless of the language it will be led in. Experiences will be published in either English or Portugese (based on which one of these languages you use to create and submit your experience).

Creating and Publishing Experiences

The form you will use to create an experience is very user friendly. It will tell you what, where and how to list all the details to include for guests. It will also guide you to ultimately sell your experience. We have lots of resources available to help maximise your experience description and listing in both our Top Hosting Tips and Example Experiences pages.

Once you’ve submitted an experience it heads for approval with our team. Getting an experience approved and published can take up to 14 days. But, we often do it a lot quicker than this!

We will contact you as soon as you submit an idea to let you know the process is underway. We’ll also let you know as soon as it’s approved, or otherwise. We may reach out before this if we need anything else from you.

All experiences require images in order to be approved and published on Let’s GoDo. We love hosts submitting as many diverse photos as possible. These show guests exactly what amazing things to expect and can really drive bookings. After all ...a picture can speak a thousand words!

Yes. Before publishing anything, we check the quality of everything submitted. We want your experience looking the best it possibly can. Your photos will need to meet some guidelines and dimension requirements:

  • Focus on the experience. Guests like to know what to expect. For example; if you’re a chef, then show yourself cooking and the incredible food you’re going to make. It could be you chopping the vegetables, mixing in the spices and the finished dish! Whatever your experience is about, use your photos to show all the different things that you do, and what your potential guests could soon be doing!

  • Natural not staged. Nobody likes forced fun or a forced photo. Use natural imagery to truly reflect the experience. For example; if leading a tour, then select candid photos of you and guests exploring together.

  • No filters - keep it real. Remember, this isn’t a glossy editorial, it’s your shop window! Using filters will only make an experience look fake. Rely on good lighting, a good camera (the one on your phone should do) - and yourself! High quality doesn’t mean highly airbrushed.

  • Image dimension requirements: 640px width x 820px height

Currently we don’t have the function for video uploads, but we do plan to introduce this soon! We’ll let all our Hosts know when this feature is available.

You can. However, you will have to submit a request with the details of the edits for our team to approve. Please note that a currently published experience listing will remain the same until our team approves any edits.

For more information on how to edit an experience and submit update requests, please see our Hosting User Guide.

Experience Pricing

Please Note: All Let’s GoDo experiences are priced per-person.

As it’s your experience, you know the true value of your expertise and what’s involved …so you decide the price! Our team is happy to discuss suggested pricing for different concepts. It’s good to keep in mind that often higher prices can put guests off and encourage them to browse other experiences.

You should consider any charges and taxes that may affect the price you decide to set. Please see information on charges and taxes here

Yes, you can select the different prices when you add dates to your booking calendar. We recommend doing this as it helps encourage more bookings and better reviews from families, who often expect to see younger prices for children.

Yes. As you may have to consider different costs according to certain dates, or may want to incentivise bookings by offering a lower price during quieter times, you’re able to select pricing per slot on your calendar availability.

Find help on managing your calendar in our User Guide.

Yes, you can. But as we do not currently display discounted pricing on the platform, hosts are unable to generate and display a discount code of their own. The Let’s GoDo team can generate a discount code for you which you can give directly to guests to apply at check-out when booking. If you’d like us to generate a discount code, please get in touch to request one.

The pricing displayed on your listing will reflect the local currency of the user browsing your experience. The price you submit while creating the experience will be converted automatically to this local currency.

Guest Age Limits & Restrictions

We have many family friendly experiences on Let’s GoDo. So, technically you can be any age to be a guest. However, to have your own Let’s GoDo account and book an experience, you must be aged 16 years or older.

Please note: for some types of experiences, there may of course be guest age guidelines or age restrictions that will need to be put in place. Please see more information on this in the following FAQs.

Yes. Hosts are able to set the appropriate guest age limit related to their experience.

Any age limit that you set must be according to the nature of the activities involved, the places visited and/or corresponding legal requirements. As a host, you cannot randomly discriminate against the age of guests as this would go against the Let’s GoDo Terms & Conditions.

The nature of the activities in some experiences may require you by law or by industry regulations to set and enforce corresponding age restrictions.

If you plan to host any guests younger than 18 years of age, and/or plan to host an experience that requires an age restriction, there are some requirements that you’ll need to consider:

  • For any Let’s GoDo experience where a participating guest is aged 11-17 years, a legal guardian will need to provide the Host with a legal indemnity form. Click here to download an editable template if you do not have your own already.
  • For any Let’s GoDo experience where a participating guest is aged under 11 years, they will need to be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Further legal age restrictions: It’s essential to check local laws and industry regulations for any age restrictions related to the type of activities in the experience you’re offering. As Host, it’s your responsibility to ensure you comply with any that apply, and enforce this by checking proof of age for all your guests.

If any of the above relates to your experience, it’s important that guests know prior to booking – and what will be required of them. You should provide exact details of this in the ‘Special Requirements’ section when you create your experience. Here you should also detail whether you require any forms or proof of age a certain time in advance of the experience beginning and/or if a guest can provide it when they join you on the day of the experience.

Please see more detail on different types of Special Requirements here.

Hosting Responsibly : Health, Safety & Special Requirements

As host, you are responsible for guest health, safety and security throughout the experience. Preparation is key. You should ensure that the correct measures and guidelines are in place. This is essential for you being able to host guests responsibly as well as to support and protect yourself. It is very important to make guests aware of anything they need to know, or of anything that you require from them to take part. Consider and communicate anything they should do to support their health, safety and security during your experience.

When you create an experience, you’ll be able to select any restrictions that apply to your experience, as well as communicate any special requirements you’ll need from guests.

Anything that may impact the health, safety and security of guests should be clearly outlined when you create an experience. Guests should be fully aware of these in advance of making a booking. Some things to ask yourself are:

  • Do I need to check proof of age of guests, and do I require this in advance, or can they bring it along with them to an experience?
  • Is my experience open to persons aged younger than 18 years? If it is, I will need a legal indemnity form for any guests that are.
  • Does my experience require guests to adhere to any specific COVID-19 laws or guidelines? (E.g; To wear a face covering’)
  • What equipment/materials are essential for guests to take part?
  • Do guests need a level of expertise or fitness to take part?
  • Do guests need a certain accreditation to take part?
  • Is there a dress code / type of clothing that guests need to know about?
  • Is it essential that guests eat before an experience?
  • Do guests need to adhere to any restrictions on taking photos or recording throughout my experience, or at certain times?
  • Does my experience cover any topics which could prove sensitive for any guests that I need them to acknowledge?
  • Does my experience feature any imagery, language or content that could be triggering and need guests to acknowledge?

Note: the above list is not always applicable, nor is exhaustive. The additional information and special requirements you select and include will depend on the specifics of the experience you plan to host.

Let’s GoDo does not do background checks or verify guest identity. So if needed, you will need to ask this directly of your guests. Please detail this in the special requirements section of your listing so that guests know in advance of booking. You will also need to message the guest to request the exact detail you need and when you need it by.

As host, you will be within your rights to deny the experience to a guest who does not meet any of the special requirements you have listed. In this instance, the guest will still be charged and you will be paid. If we were to receive a guest complaint due to this, our team would look at the details of the situation and contact you as part of our review process – before making any further decisions. You can see more detail on our guest complaint procedure and review process here.


Currently, Let’s GoDo does not cover host insurance, as the experience booking contract and agreement is made directly between the host and the guest. The role of the Let’s GoDo platform is to facilitate such bookings.

As a host, you will need to independently take out any insurance cover or liability insurance. You can decide to do this or not, but we highly recommend that you do so in order to avoid incurring any losses due to claims made by any party as a result of your experience taking place.

For more details please see our Terms & Conditions

Cancellations, Complaints & Refunds

Eligible reasons for a refund depend on the circumstances involved.

  • Guests who make a cancellation in line with our cancellation policy are eligible for 100% refund.
  • When a Host cancels an experience, Guests are eligible for 100% refund.
  • If a Guest requests a refund based on level of satisfaction, or due to suffering a ‘’Considerable Issue’’ our team reviews the details of this, mediating where possible between Guest and Host to agree a solution. If no mutual agreement can be made, our decision will be final and binding.

For more information on Cancellations, Refunds and ‘’Considerable Issues’’ please see our Terms & Conditions


This will only affect in-person experiences.

Let’s GoDo hosts and guests must adhere to the COVID-19 laws and guidelines set out by the country where the experience takes place.

If there is something that specifically impacts your experience that guests need to adhere to (e.g; that a face covering must be worn or that social distancing measures will be in place) – you should list this in the ‘Special Requirements’ section when creating the experience.

Getting Paid, Fees and Taxes

It’s completely free to become a Let’s GoDo Host and have experiences listed on the platform. Let’s GoDo take 20% commission from the per-person price that you set. This 20% commission is applied to all Hosts and all experiences. We provide Hosts with an invoice to reflect this fee.

Let’s GoDo may apply a separate service charge to guests which will not impact your earnings.

Hosts receive a payment within 48 hours of an experience being completed if no guest complaints or refund requests are made within this time. Otherwise, payment will be made within 48 hours of any such dispute being resolved.

Let’s GoDo is partnered with the Stripe Connect payment processing system. For Hosts in countries where Stripe Connect is enabled, payment will be credited to the connected Stripe account. Once logged into your Stripe account, you are able to transfer sums to any linked bank account.

For Hosts in countries where Stripe Connect is not enabled, we will request an invoice from you and you will receive payment by direct bank transfer.

For UK hosts the payments will be made directly into the linked account.

Below is a list of countries where Stripe Connect is enabled

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong SAR China
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates

Let’s GoDo will not directly charge you for receiving any payments from us. However, if your chosen bank independently charges you for receiving payments, you will need to bear such charges. It’s best to check directly with your bank to see if this will be the case, as this may affect the bank you choose to use for Hosting.

Income Tax / Direct Tax

It depends. Let’s GoDo will provide you with the information you need to calculate your taxes. Every case is unique and will depend on where you live, how much you make from Let’s GoDo and how much you make from other sources. It’s best to check with your local tax authorities.

Indirect Tax (VAT, GST etc.)

Indirect Tax can be complex. But essentially, if you’re registered for Indirect Tax in your country and are required to collect it for any goods or services you provide, then ensure that the experience price you decide to set includes this. The 20% commission that Let’s GoDo takes is against the listing price you set, and is inclusive of all Indirect taxes. We provide all our Hosts with an Invoice to reflect this fee.

If you are unsure about whether you need to register for Indirect Tax, please check with your local tax authority.

Whether being paid via Stripe Connect or by direct bank transfer, Let’s GoDo pays all our Hosts in GBP. Your chosen bank will then convert the amount to your local currency. Should your bank apply any charge to make such a conversion, you will have to bear this.

It’s best to check directly with your bank to see if this will be the case, as this may affect the bank you choose to use for Hosting.

Booking Cancellations and Changes

Yes you can. However, if you have any bookings you may still be required to pay Let’s GoDo the 20% commission fee. It’s worth remembering that cancellations may affect your guest rating and therefore future bookings.

We recommend that hosts message guests in advance of cancelling. A personal message can go a long way. It may also mean you’re able to arrange with them to book another future available slot or perhaps even set up a new slot to suit them.

Let’s GoDo has a standard cancellation policy applicable to all experiences. All bookings are eligible for 100% refund if cancelled at least 7 days before the experience is scheduled to start or within 24 hours of purchase. This does not apply to bookings made less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Please note: when creating your experience, you have the option to set a deadline for new bookings to be made. This means you can allow for any advance preparation you may need to make, and avoid possible cancellations disrupting this.

Making edits or changes to an experience that already has existing bookings differs to making edits or changes to a listing without any. This is of course because guests may have booked based on the details listed at the time of booking. So, you will need to directly liaise with any existing bookings to communicate and have them agree to any proposed changes to the experience.

Once agreed, you will then have to submit a request with the details of the changes for our team to update the listing. Please note that the published experience listing will remain the same until our team approves any edits.

For more information on how to edit an experience and submit update requests, please see our Users Guides.

Let’s GoDo has a standard change policy that is applicable to all experiences.

If a guest wishes to reschedule the date or time of experience, or change the number of guests, they can do this within 24 hours of making a booking and up to 72 hours before an experience is scheduled to start.

The standard cancellation policy still remains and you will be entitled to get paid as per this policy. However, if the guest gets in touch to explain that they missed the experience due to extenuating circumstances, we would ask that you do consider a refund as a goodwill gesture. Gestures such as these often lead to return custom and great ratings for hosts.

The booking contract Is ultimately between the host and the guest. However as we facilitate this booking, we will review the refund request and help mediate between host and the guest to agree on a solution. If no mutual agreement can be made, our decision as mediator will be final and binding.

For more information on refunds, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Reviews & Ratings

We know how important Guest feedback is for Hosts to know how they’re doing. We also know how powerful a positive review can be in encouraging others to book.

So directly after an experience finishes, we send all guests a request to submit a written review. We send two further reminder requests (after 24 hours and 72 hours) should a review yet be submitted. We encourage hosts to remind their guests during and at the end of an experience to leave a review.

Yes, you can. You’ll have to contact us with the relevant details. We will look into this impartially, mediate where needed and make a decision about whether to keep or remove the review.

Hosts cannot currently leave a review for guests, as guests do not have profiles listed publicly on the platform. If you have feedback about a guest that you think is important and that we should know - then we encourage you to contact us with details.

Online Experiences

As we’re partnered with TeamLink, you will need to have a Team Link account and download the TeamLink App. to host with Let’s GoDo. This does not have to be a premium account. You can sign up for a TeamLink account (

Our team does the leg work for you! We will set up your experience and assign your email address as the TeamLink meeting Host. We will provide your guests with any required link(s) and access codes once their booking is confirmed.

It may be the case that you feel your experience is specifically suited to, or requires you to use an alternative video platform to Team Link. We would consider this if it positively impacts guest enjoyment and what types of experiences we can offer to our community. If so, please reach out to discuss specific details with our team.

How many guests you feel you’re able to host will depend on the nature of your experience. We believe that the more intimate an experience is, the more personal and memorable it can be. Guests often feel more special in groups that aren’t too big. This often leads to greater guest satisfaction and stronger reviews! So, you can cap the number of guests you feel that best suits your experience.

We do however have a maximum of 100 guests set for all online experiences. If you would like to extend this limit, then please send specific details to our team who will consider this and discuss possible options with you.

Interaction really does make an experience more personal and memorable. We prefer, and are more likely to approve experiences with a good level of guest interaction. If you have an interesting and unique idea with limited audience interaction we may consider this depending on what this is. Please send specific details to our team who can discuss possible options with you.

As we assign you as the TeamLink meeting host, you can make use of TeamLink’s Waiting Room feature to manage who can join your experience. This will help you deal with uninvited guests. With this feature, guests will not be able to join the experience before you do, so you can confirm who’s on the guest list and admit the correct people accordingly.

If you want to record, take images or take screenshots of your online experience, you must ask guests for their consent before doing so. You should also ask for additional consent if you intend to use these in your experience listing, to post on social media or elsewhere online.

If children are attending your experience, you may not record your experience, take any images or screenshots – regardless of whether you have permission.

As a rule of thumb – no. Experiences are most often enjoyed best when done live, as not only does this allow for interaction but it reflects our aim for all experiences on Let’s GoDo to be unique in nature.

However, we can consider a mix of live and pre-recorded content in certain cases. Please send specific details to our team who can discuss possible options with you.