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Want to host an experience but aren’t sure exactly what it might be or what details you need to include in the listing?

You’re in the right place! The team at Let’s GoDo have put on our hosting hats to create a diverse selection of example experiences just for you. Let these provide inspiration for your own ideas, as well as give you insight into how to make listings correct and attractive for guests. They’ll also give you a good idea about how to get your experiences published without a hitch and to kick start a successful hosting journey with us.

If any of the concepts or language used to describe them particularly catches your eye (or imagination) – feel free to tweak and adapt it to match your own passions, skills or location. Happy reading!

Health & Wellness, Classes & Workshops,

Bali Beach Yoga

From £22 4 (2)

Travel digitally to the dreamy escape of a Bali beach setting for an immersive and interactive ‘Yoga...

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Entertainment, Arts & Culture,

Be a runner for the day: London Bollywood Studios

From £90 4 (2)

Get to know the magic that happens behind the scenes at the London Bollywood Studios. You’ll get wel...

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Music, Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Classes & Workshops,

Beats of India

From £35 4 (2)

Come and explore the magic of traditional Indian drums and how they have influenced modern music in ...

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Classes & Workshops, Entertainment, Arts & Culture,

Behind the Scenes with a Pro Movie Set Designer

From £22 4 (2)

Do you want to know what happens behind the scenes of a blockbuster and the and the magic that went ...

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Nightlife, Entertainment,

Dubai’s Exclusive Rooftops

From £120 4 (2)

Bursting with skyscrapers, architecture, luxury bars & restaurants, Dubai is home to the most magnif...

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Food & Drink, Classes & Workshops, Tours,

Farm Tour & Organic Cookalong with a Farmer

From £65 4 (2)

Visit a real working Edinburgh farm to see organic produce at-source. Learn first- hand where what y...

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Food & Drink, Arts & Culture,

Middle East Eats: Learn a Lebanese Menu (Includes DIY Cookalong Meal Kit)

From £50 4 (2)

From the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the UK, join an interactive cookalong to creat...

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Entertainment, Tours,

Locations Photoshoot: Hollywood Movie Moments

From £70 4 (2)

Hollywood is a movie junkies dream. A notorious filming hub / hot spot for over a century now, endle...

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Music, Classes & Workshops, Arts & Culture, Entertainment,

Learn to DJ: Introduction to House & Techno

From £60 4 (2)

Unlock your mixing potential with an intimate workshop led by a renowned DJ on the Detroit house and...

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Music, Arts & Culture, Tours, Entertainment,

Hits of History: Beatles Tour

From £45 4 (2)

Follow the footsteps of music royalty and global culture icons The BEATLES. This walking tour takes ...

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Hike & Rock Climb Rio

From £80 4 (2)

Join an exciting outdoor sightseeing sports adventure in your host’s hometown. Throw yourself feet-f...

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Entertainment, Nightlife,

Games with F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Online Quiz Night

From £7 4 (2)

‘’The One Where They Have Quiz Night.’’ If you are F.R.I.E.N.D.S obsessed …then why don’t you and yo...

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Food & Drink, Classes & Workshops, Arts & Culture,

Pasta Cookalong with Nona Maria

From £28 4 (2)

Join me and my Nona Maria for an authentic pasta cookalong. Learn secrets from my Italian grandma ...

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Nightlife, Entertainment, Tours,

Ride Rio: Night Cycling Tour

From £20 4 (2)

Cycle and see Rio lit up at night with this marvellous cycling tour! As a city native with many year...

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Tours, Entertainment,

Rio ‘City of God’ Favela Tour

From £20 4 (2)

This experience lets you walk the famous streets that are the setting for one of the most iconic Bra...

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Royal Regent’s Park Sunrise Run

From £25 4 (2)

Get your day off to the best start with a running tour at sunrise through London’s Royal Regent’s P...

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Food & Drink, Tours,

São Paulo Market Taste & Tour with Chef

From £25 4 (2)

Get yourself on this unique food tour to be taken by a local chef and foodie expert around the famou...

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Entertainment, Food & Drink, Tours,

Soho & Covent Garden Walking Pub Tour

From £25 4 (2)

Experience the pubs of London in the company of a true local. Whether you’re new here, visiting for ...

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Food & Drink, Tours, Entertainment,

Taste Tour: Souk Spice & Seek

From £25 4 (2)

Prepare to immerse and indulge yourself in fresh Arabian produce, in a bustling and traditional Abu ...

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Food & Drink, Classes & Workshops, History, Entertainment,

Traditional British Afternoon Tea Workshop + Bubbles

From £36 4 (2)

This alternative, workshop-based afternoon tea, is the the perfect way to do something special with ...

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Walk with Wizards: Harry Potter Locations Tour

From £26 4 (2)

Wizards, Witches and Muggles: join this walking tour to visit some of the real London locations that...

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Entertainment, Music, Nightlife, Tours,

Shoreditch: Hidden Hangouts

From £55 4 (2)

Discover Shoreditch after-dark visiting the hideaways that don’t show up in your average tour guide ...

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