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Booking Affiliate Faq's

What is a Travel Agent partner?

Let’s GoDo has created a portal for partners in the Travel Industry that are willing to collaborate with us, making bookings to their clients directly from our platform on behalf of their clients.
Let’s GoDo will provide a contract to be signed between both parties to specify the agreed commission to be shared upon successful sales.

How do you register as a Travel Agent partner?

Very easy! You just need to sign up on our platform and complete a registration form.Click Here

What is the benefit to register as a Travel Agent partner?

  • Earn commission based on successful sales.
  • Connect your clients with passionate and dedicated hosts offering exclusive and unique experiences that you can only find on Let’s GoDo platform.
  • Help your clients to create unforgettable memories.
  • Value added service.

How do you make booking on behalf of your client?

Once your profile has been approved as a Travel Agent partner, you will follow the same process as booking an experience as a regular user, one of the questions asked is if you are booking on behalf of another person. You just follow the steps and its all done!

You and your client will receive an email confirmation with all details of the experience.

Is it possible for my client to contact the host prior to the experience to ask any details without my intervention needed to facilitate communication?

Yes, but they would need to sign up to the platform after booking has been done.

Can I speak directly to the host prior booking to clarify any extra information needed?

Yes, you can contact any hosts to ask for any extra information or even request for specific date availability.

Does my client need to sign up to the platform in order to generate his bookings?

No. He will only need to register if he decides to leave a great review to our hosts.

Can I be a Travel Agent Partner and An Experiences Ambassador?

Yes! Let’s GoDo is always looking for new hosts to share unique and amazing experiences.

How do you check how much commission you have earned?

You just need to access you personal account profile on your travel agent earning session to access all details of your previous/future bookings, expected earnings and any other information related to your bookings / clients /dates etc.

How do you withdraw the commission you have earned?

All commissions are paid automatically from Let’s GoDo to the given bank account details once experience has been successfully done and payments released. REMINDER: All travel agents must withdrawal from your personal Let’s GoDo wallet under your earnings session

Can you ask the client to pay directly or do you have to pay on behalf of the client?

All bookings made by the agent must be paid upon booking by the agent via his account profile in order to receive any related commission.

Can I pay with my client’s credit card?

Absolutely. Any payment method used will not conflict with any earnings.

Can the website send a direct payment link to my client?

No. Payments must be done upon booking by the travel agent

Will I earn commission if the client pays / books directly on the website?

No, in order to earn commission on bookings, travel agents must execute payment and booking on behalf of the clients

What happens if the experience is cancelled?

  • Payment should be refunded within cancellation policy of each specific experience.
  • Please check our cancellations policy before booking.
  • You will receive an email if the host cancels the experience for any particular reason. In this case full refund will be made.
  • If the host is canceling an experience we always advise them to try and accommodate another day in order for the experience to take place, especially due to weather conditions in case of outdoor activities.
  • If the guest decides to cancel his experience (travel agent client) if it is under our cancellation policy, it can be full or partially refunded – In the case of any refund due to guest/agency client cancellation, commissions are not eligible due to service payments.

Will my client get all the booking updates?

Yes, all updates are sent to clients/guests and travel agents by email.

Do I need to provide Let’s GoDo with the details of my client?

Yes, client’s details must be provided upon booking (Hosts need the details of each person attending the experiences).

On big groups Let’s GoDo requests at least one email as a form of contact. But ideally we need the details of each person attending the experience.