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Experiences Ambassador Faq's

What is an Experience Ambassador?

Knows well about Let’s GoDo Experiences and can describe how amazing it is to be a Let’s GoDo Host to everyone!

Someone with self-drive and initiative to be able to bring more Experiences Hosts to Let’s GoDo platform, spreading the word about our amazing experiences and the benefits of joining Let’s GoDo as a guest and as a new Host.

Have great communication skills and fast learners.

Good network with different types of audiences to help with diversity of experiences in various categories.

Someone able to find different talents and skilled people to join Let’s GoDo

An independent freelancer working as a Let’s GoDo Experiences ambassador but not on behalf of Let’s GoDo – You will not be an employee and will not be eligible for Let’s GoDo employee compensation or benefits.

How do you become an Experience Ambassador ?

You can become a Let’s GoDo Experiences Ambassador by registering on our platform.

Our team will speak to you directly and decide if you are suitable for this amazing opportunity to start earning rewards.

What is the benefit of being an Experience Ambassador?

Rewards/Earnings for each eligible new listing you help bring to Let’s GoDo platform.

Access to exclusive features and resources of Let’s GoDo.

How do you check how much commission you have earned?

Let’s GoDo ambassadors can access earnings/rewards on their own Let’s GoDo account under “earnings” session on account profile.

How do you withdraw the commission you have earned?

Any earnings/rewards will be given directly from Let’s GoDo platform to the Experiences Ambassador account.

All earnings/rewards will be shared once experience has been successfully completed and funds released.

In case of any refund / cancellation from either Host or Guest to the experience there will be no eligibility for rewards/earning to the experiences Ambassador.

What happens if the experience is cancelled?

No reward or commission is eligible upon any cancelation and or/emergency / natural disaster / or any external factor that affects the experience taking place, or in case of refund for any particular reason which is decided and accepted/agreed by Let’s GoDo.

Do I need to provide Let’s GoDo with the details of my client?

Every Let’s GoDo Ambassador has a personal coupon code, which should be applied by the new potential host while filling his experience application form – This code is the only necessary information to be given by the host upon his registration as a new host.

Every new eligible host, which uses your referral code, will be automatically registered and connected to the host ambassador account.